Miss Blue Revue



The Zetas of Charlotte Benevolent Foundations and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Delta Zeta Chapter are dedicated to the educational, social, and. cultural enrichment  of young ladies as they move forward to assume leadership roles in the community.  Because, of this dedication, we have decided to sponsor a biennial Miss Blue Revue Scholarship Program  in which young ladies make their debut and, are presented to society in grand tradition.

The purpose of our program is twofold. First, through this program we offer workshops, community, service, projects and other activities aimed at preparing young ladies for college and beyond.  By participating in our program, each young lady has the opportunity to receive a scholarship to use in pursuit of a higher education.  Secondly, some of the proceeds benefit the Zetas of Charlotte Benevolent Foundation, the501c3, non-profit affiliate of Zeta Phi, Beta Sorority, Inc. Delta Zeta Chapter.  Our Foundation is committed to being a resource to the residents of the City of Charlotte, offering local events such as a health fair, Community Easter Egg Hunt, "Bowling for Babies"  and other charitable programs.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2017-2018 Miss Blue Revue program.  Please click the link below for an application.  Questions can also be directed to our email .


Miss Blue Revue Application